How Would You Approach Life if Regret was Waiting at The End of it?

Daniel Davies
5 min readJan 10, 2024
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It’s a new year, but some old friends went missing along the way.

There are a couple of things I used to love doing in the past. If you’re interested in that, click here.

But you know how it goes, life gets busy, and there doesn’t seem to be time for much else. Trust me, I understand.

However, regarding those things you sacrificed in pursuit of your goals,

Did you do so because it was necessary at the time or did you fall out of love with them?

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If it’s the latter, fair enough. If it’s the former, however, I would just like you to consider a few things.

  1. Do you have more time now to engage with the things you used to love?
  2. If time isn’t the factor, what’s stopping you?
  3. If — by some magical powers — you aged an extra 20 years today, would you have regrets about those things you used to love?

Status change?

One of the main reasons for disengaging from activities we love is due to lack of time — only 24 hours in a day innit — and as a result, we often have to sacrifice things we love for things that are “Useful”.

I’m not so out of touch that I’m going to say, “There’s always time but you just have to find it”. Of course, some part of that is true, however, when you’ve got a job, family commitments, etcetera, I understand that it’s going to be very difficult to do so.

That being said, what if there was something you truly loved? For example, carpentry experiments in your backyard? And for whatever reason you don’t have as much time today to enjoy sawing away as you did in the past.

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I just want you to consider how much fun you had when you did that (Obviously we’re assuming you actually liked the activity), how much peace you felt, how much time passed, and how much you…



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